Project Name16 @ Amber
DeveloperNovelty Group
ArchitectRonny Chin and Associates
Site Area8276 sqft
No. Of Units40 Residential Units
Expected TOP2014
Carpark31 Lots(Mechanized /Automated car Park) and 9 Lots (Surface Car Park inclusive 1 handicapped lots)
Unit Types
  • 1-bedroom: 420 sqft (20 Units)

  • 2-bedroom: 667 to 710 sqft (19 Units)

  • 2-bedroom Penthouse: 1227 sqft (1 Units)
  • 1. Foundation
    Piled foundation to engineer’s design

    2. Super-structure
    Reinforced concrete structure

    3. Walls
    External-RC wall/Common clay brick
    Internal-RC wall/Common clay brick/Precast wall panel/Dry Wall system

    4. Roof
    Flat roof-Reinforced concrete roof with waterproofing
    Sloped roof-Metal roof

    5. Ceiling (For Apartments)
    a. Living/Dining/Master Bedroom/Bedroom/Master Bath/Common Bath/Family Area & Kitchen
    -Skim coating and/or false ceiling with emulsion paint finish
    b. Balcony/Planter/AC Ledge & Household Shelter
    -Skim coating with emulsion paint finish

    6. Finishes
    a. Internal Wall (For Apartments)
    i. Living/Dining/Master Bedroom/Bedroom & Kitchen
    -Cement and sand plater and/or skim coat with emulsion paint finish
    ii. Master Bath & Common Bath
    -Imported ceramic tiles laid up to false ceiling height and on exposed surface only
    iii. Household Shelter
    -Skim coating with emulsion paint finish

    b. Internal Wall (For Common Areas)
    i. 1st Storey Lift Lobby
    -Imported granite and/or ceramic tiles
    ii. Typical Lift Lobbies
    -Cement and sand plaster with emulsion paint finish

    c. External Wall
    i. Cement and sand plaster and/or skim coat with spray textured coating or emulsion paint finish

    d. Floor (For Apartments)
    i. Living/Dining/Kitchen/Master Bedroom/Bedroom & Family Area
    -Timber strips with timber skirting
    ii. Kitchen (For Unit Type PH A only)
    -Imported ceramic or homogeneous tiles
    iii. Master Bath & Common Bath
    -Imported Ceramic Tiles
    iv. Balcony & Private Roof Garden
    -Imported ceramic tiles
    v. Planter/AC Ledge
    -Cement and sand screed finish

    e. Floor (Common Areas)
    i. 1st Storey Lift Lobby
    -Imported granite tiles
    ii. Typical Lift Lobbies
    -Imported ceramic tiles

    Note: Marble, limestone and granite are natural stone materials containing veins and tonality differences. There will be colour and markings caused by their complex mineral composition and incorporated impurities. While such materials can be pre-selected before installation, this non-conformity cannot be totally avoided. Granite tiles are pre-pollished before laying and care has been taken for their installation. However, granite being a much harder material than marble cannot be re-polished after installation. Hence, some differences may be felt at the joints. Subject to Clause 14.3, the tonality and pattern of marble, limestone and granite selected and installed shall be subject to availability.

    7. Windows
    a. Powder coated aluminium framed glass windows

    a. All windows are either side-hung, top-hung, bottom-hub or sliding, fixed, louvered or any combination of the mentioned
    b. All glazing shall be approxiamtely 6mm thick
    c. All glazing below 1m shall be tempered or laminated glass
    d. All windows including bath windows can be either frosted, tinted or clear glass

    8. Doors
    a. Main Entrance
    -Approved fire-rated timber door
    b. Master Bedroom/Bedroom/Master Bath & Common Bath
    -Hollow core timber door
    c. Kitchen (For Unit Type PH A only)
    -Hollow core timber door with glass viewing panel
    d. Balcony & Private Roof Garden
    -Powder coated aluminium framed doors
    e. Household Shelter
    -Metal door as approved by relevant authority

    a. All glazing shall be approximately 6mm thick
    b. All aluminium frames shall be powder coated finish
    c. Doors can either be of swing or sliding type with or without fixed glass panel

    9. Ironmongery
    a. Main entrance door and other hollow core timber doors shall be provided with good quality imported locksets

    10. Sanitary Wares & Fittings
    Master Bathroom
    -1 Shower screen with shower mixer, overhead shower and hand shower
    -1 Vanity counter complete with basin and mixer tap
    -1 Water closet
    -1 Mirror
    -1 Paper holder
    -1 Towel rail or ring

    Common Bathroom
    -1 Shower screen with shower mixer and hand shower
    -1 Vanity counter complete with basin and mixer tap
    -1 Water closet
    -1 Mirror
    -1 Paper holder
    -1 Towel rail or ring

    -1 Single lever sink mixer tap
    -1 Kitchen sink

    Private Roof Garden
    -1 Bib tap

    a. All water closet can be either wall-hung or floor standing
    b. All basin mixer taps can be either wall mounted or deck mounted

    11. Other Items
    a. Kitchen
    -Imported built in high and low level kitchen cabinets complete with under-counter fridge/freezer, under-counter fridge, ceramic hob, cooker hood and built in microwave. (For all other Types)
    -Imported built in high and low level kitchen cabinets complete with integrated fridge/freezer, ceramic hob, cooker hood and built in microwave. (For all unit Type A & PH A only)
    b. Wardrobes
    -Imported built-in wardrobes to all bedrooms
    c. Wall mounted air-conditioning to Living/Dining/Master Bedroom & Bedroom
    d. Hot water supply to Master Bathroom/Bathroom & Kitchen
    e. Audio intercom (from apartment to side gate only)
    f. Card access system provided to side gate/lift
    g. Mechanically ventilated Bathroom (For all unit Type B and Type C)

    12. Electrical Installation/Telephone/TV/FM
    Refer to Electrical Schedule

    13. Lightning Protection System
    a. Lightning Protection System shall be provided in accordance with Singapore Standard CP33 1996

    14. Waterproofing
    a. Waterproofing is provided to floors of Master Bathroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Balcony, Private Roof Garden, R.C, Flat Roof, Planter Box, Air-con Ledge & Where required

    15. Driveway & Carpark
    a. Dirveway (Entrance)
    -Granite tiles/ceramic tiles/Interlocking pavers/homogeneous tiles
    b. Carpark
    -Cement Screed

    16. Painting
    a. Internal Wall
    -Emulsion paint
    b. External Wall
    -Textured coating and/or emulsion paint

    17. Recreational Facilities
    a. Swimming Pool
    b. Common Jacuzzi
    c. Gymnasium

    1. Subject to clause 14.3, the brand and model of all equipment and appliances supplied shall be provided subject to availability
    2. Layout/Location of wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, fan coil units, electrical points and plaster ceiling boards are subject to architect’s sold discretion and final design
    3. Where warranties are given by the manufacturers and/or contractors and/or suppliers of any of the equipment and/or appliances installed by the Vendor at the Unit/Building, the Vendor shall assign to the Purchaser such warranties at the time when possession of the Unit/Building is delivered to the Purchaser, and the Vendor shall not be answerable for any failure of these manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers to honour any warranty
    4. The air-conditioning system has to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that it is in good and proper working condition. The Purchaser is advised to engage his/her own contractor to service the air-conditioning system regularly
    5. The Purchaser is liable to pay annual fee, subscription fee and such other fees to the StarHub Cable Vision Ltd (SCV) or any other relevant party or any other relevant authorities. The Vendor is not responsible to make arrangements with any of the said parties for the service connection for their respective subscription channels
    6. If the Purchaser requried Internet access, the Purchaser will have to make direct arrangements with Internet service provider and/or such relevant entities/authorities for internet service to the unit and to make all necessary payments to such Internet Service Provider and/or relevant authorities
    7. Timber strips are natural materials containing veins and tonality differences. Thus, it is not possible to achieve total consistency of colours and grain in their selection and installation
    8. For cyclical maintenance work to be carried out to the building facade, owners shall allow access to the maintenance team

    Description of Common Property
    Common facilities: Swimming Pool, Common JAcuzzi, Gymnasium, Common Toilet, other areas & amenities deemed such by the relevant authorities

    Purpose of Building Project and Restrictions as to Use
    The building project is strictly for residential occupation only
    A combination of Surface Carpark and Mechanized Carparking system are provided

    Common Area
    1. Sentry Post is not provided
    2. Management room is not provided

    1. The landscape communal areas shall be kept for communal use only and shall not be enclosed or converted to other uses before prior written approval is obtained from the Competent Authority
    2. The approved planter boxes are not to be converted to balcony without prior approval from the Competent Authority
    3. No structures or other uses are allowed on the rooftop unless otherwise approved by the Competent Authority
    4. The open roof gardens are not be enclosed or roofed over

    While every reasonable care has been taken in preparing this website, the developer cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. All statements are believed to be correct but are not to be regarded as statement or representation of facts. Visual representations, illustrations, photographs and renderings are intended to portray only impressions of the development. All information and specifications are current at the time of press and are subject to change as maybe required and cannot form part of an offer or contract.